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This is a summary of just a few of our new products. Product information PDFs for any of the these items may be found on our PDF Resource page.


RX-20 WebTrak Digital Manual Length Measuring Device

If you are looking for an accurate yet affordable means of manually measuring narrow fabrics to length, look no further than your own laptop computer AND our new RX-20 WebTrack Digital Length Measuring Device.

The RX-20 is both a measuring device and a built-in Windows application that will run on your computer through a standard USB port. Plug the device into your computer and the WebTrak application will automatically load. This application has been code signed and will run on Windows XP, VIsta and Windows 7.

To operate, enter the desired length you wish to cut and pull the material through the device. The length will be actively displayed in large print on your screen. Will display in metric or English. Can be quickly re-calibrated to work best for any material. For more information, Request a Quote.

RX-80-BCL Rope and Cord Hot Knife

Cut and seal rope and cord up to 3/4" (20mm) diameter with the new model RX-80-BCL. This unique hot knife has been specially designed with a multi-function knife that will cut and seal the ends of a rope in the one step, and melt the outside of the rope in a secondary step, eliminating the flared ends AND creating a strong seal around the outside.

The RX-80-BCL is designed for tabletop operation and rests on rubber feet to prevent it from sliding during use. It is fitted with a grounded 5 ft. 120V or 230V power cord and uses 300W of power.

For more information, download our product BROCHURE or request a QUOTE.


RX-250 CONFIGURABLE Automatic Hot or Cold Strip Cutter

The RX-250 is a general purpose and configurable Automatic Pneumatic Strip Cutting Machine. Its flexible, configurable design means it may be equipped to cut hot or cold by simply changing the pneumatic cutting modules.

Common to all models is a color touchscreen control panel, programming in metric or English units, adjustable dwell times, feed speeds, 'teach-in' calibration, and photocell detector for cutting imprinted material. Can be configured to feed in either direction (east or west), and several cutting modules are available.

Current models include:

  • RX-250-SCL-SK 5" (130mm) Heavy-duty pneumatic hot knife, 120/230V
  • RX-250-GSL-E 6" (150mm) Heavy-duty pneumatic guillotine (cold), 120V/230V
  • RX-250-SCM-SK 8" (200mm) Pneumatic hot knife, 120V/230V
  • RX-250-SCT-DK 5" (130mm) Pneumatic hot knife for tubular webbing, 120/230V

For more information, download a product BROCHURE or request a QUOTE.

Contract Cut-To-Length Services to be offered in 2013

Coming in early 2013 is our new contract cut-to-length service. This service will be ideal for small to medium production runs, prototypes, samples, and specialty cutting and hole punching. Initial services will soon include:

  • Hot knife straight & shaped cutting to length
  • Ribbon cutting in straight, angle and shaped ends
  • Guillotine cutting of non-synthetic materials
  • Cutting imprinted materials, such as labels
  • Hook and loop with shaped ends
  • Rope, cord and elastic
  • Seatbelt with melted, flattened ends
  • Combination cutting and hole-punching services
  • Leather burning

For more information visit our new site at www.thewebbingcutter.com



RX-92 Hot Knife for Tubular Webbing & Sleeving

The RX-92 is a pneumatically operated hot knife designed to cut and seal tubular webbing and sleeving while still allowing the ends to remain open. Available in two sizes - 5" (130mm) and 10" (260mm). Insert webbing into the material opening, step on the foot pedal, and the machine will automatically cut, seal and open the webbing. Versatile design allows it to function as a hot knife for non-tubular webbings too.

  • RX-92-SCT 5" (130mm) Pneumatic hot knife for tubular webbing, 120/230V
  • RX-92-SCT 10" (260mm) Pneumatic hot knife for tubular webbing, 120/230V

It will soon be available in an automatic version which will measure to length, cut, seal and open (model RX-250-SCT).

For more information, download our product BROCHURE or request a QUOTE.

Supplemental Safety Guards

Now available for most models is a stainless steel supplemental safety guard. This sturdy guard is made from perforated stainless steel and mounts firmly to the base of most any model RX-80 Basic and RX-84 Long-arm Webcutter. The ventilated design prevent it from becoming hot and allows the operator to have visual contact with the work.

Part numbers for this item are as follows:

  • R80A-005-L Stainless guard set for RX-80 Basic 5"(128mm) models
  • R80A-005-M Stainless guard set for RX-84 Long-arm 8"(200mm) models
  • R80A-006-N Stainless guard set for RX-84 Long-arm 10" (254mm) models

For product information please visit our PDF Resource Page.

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